Overview & Mission

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Department Mission
To sustain and expand the City's role as a location for economic activity so as to benefit the City and its residents through the creation of new jobs, expansion of the tax base and growth in utility revenues.

Strategic Goals
  • Attract high quality jobs and businesses to Rock Hill, particularly manufacturing, corporate office and distribution facilities.
    • Ensure availability of competitive sites and services for business location and expansion inside the city
    • Strengthen partnerships with Economic Development Allies
    • Invest in improvements in the Dave Lyle Boulevard/I-77/Galleria Area to sustain and expand this area as a premier business center
  • Attract residents, businesses, jobs and investments to Old Town
    • Create and Implement a Redevelopment Plan for the Textile Corridor
    • Implement Downtown Master Plan in order to strengthen downtown as the mixed-use hub for Old Town
    • Create incentives for investments in the Old Town area
  • Create destinations and marketing programs designed to attract visitors to Rock Hill.
    • Support the efforts of other community groups to develop cultural, historical and arts destinations in Rock Hill
    • Improve the appearance and business environment on major visitor entries to the city
  • Develop community amenities that provide diverse opportunities for local residents and that keep Rock Hill competitive within the Charlotte region for quality businesses and jobs.
    • Adopt a trails and greenways master plan and begin the development of an integrated trail system serving Rock Hill neighborhoods
    • Develop a master plan for the future redevelopment and use of the Gettys Center to serve community needs