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The Purchasing Division's mission is to achieve excellent procurement services through technological advancements and improved procedures and programs while performing with professionalism and teamwork.

We strive to publish all Invitations to Bid, Requests for Proposal and Requests for Statement of Qualifications online, enhancing your opportunity to work with the City of Rock Hill, as well as the Housing Development Corporation of Rock Hill. The bids listed on the website may not be inclusive of all available bids offered by the City of Rock Hill.  City of Rock Hill bids are indicated by PUR### and Housing Development Corporation bids are indicated by HDC###.

Please contact Tracy Smith at 803-329-5551 or by email at with questions or suggestions.

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Equipment Reimbursement Rates

RFP NumberTitleStartingClosingStatus
HDC 109Home Repairs at two occupied homes05/31/2017 4:14 PM06/22/2017 9:00 AMAwarded
HDC 110Home Repairs at two occupied homes (note bid opening date change)06/02/2017 3:17 PM07/05/2017 9:00 AMAwarded
HDC -112Home Repair at 710 S. York Avenue08/22/2017 2:02 PM09/15/2017 9:20 AMAwarded
HDC 113Home Repair at 403 Frayser St.11/06/2017 11:47 AM12/04/2017 10:00 AMOpen
HDC 114Home Repair at 322 S. Confederate Ave.11/06/2017 1:32 PM11/20/2017 11:58 AMCanceled
HDC100Home Repair 246 Pursley Street (RFP Cancelled re-bid as HDC 101)02/01/2017 12:15 PM02/15/2017 4:08 PMCanceled
HDC101Home Repair 246 Pursley Street02/16/2017 8:17 AM03/02/2017 10:00 AMAwarded
HDC102Home Repair 844 Green St.03/08/2017 8:44 AM04/05/2017 2:00 PMAwarded
HDC103Home Repair - 915 Saluda St.03/08/2017 9:25 AM04/05/2017 2:30 PMAwarded
HDC104Home Repair 124 Marshall St.04/10/2017 10:26 AM04/10/2017 2:51 PMCanceled
HDC105Home Repair 32 Barrow St. **Cancelled**04/10/2017 3:27 PM04/24/2017 2:45 PMCanceled
HDC-111Home Repair-1050 Sylvia Circle08/22/2017 1:15 PM09/15/2017 9:00 AMAwarded
HDC-115Home Repair at 296 Robinson St.NEW!11/17/2017 11:38 AM11/20/2017 11:59 AMCanceled
HDC116 (replaces HDC 114)Home Repair at 322 S. Confederate Ave.NEW!11/20/2017 12:21 PM12/04/2017 10:15 AMOpen
HDC117 (replaces HDC 115)Home Repair at 296 Robinson St.NEW!11/20/2017 12:30 PM12/11/2017 9:00 AMOpen
PUR0828Request for Qualifications and Proposal for Paving Evaluation and Software01/27/201702/15/2017Awarded
PUR378 Manchester Creek Outfall Sewer Phase IIPUR378 Manchester Creek Outfall Sewer Phase II01/11/201302/07/2013 2:00 PMClosed
PUR379 Installation of two new 25 ton Air Conditioning units at Emmett Scott CenterPUR379 Installation of two new 25 ton Air Conditioning units at Emmett Scott Center01/09/201301/29/2013 10:00 AMAwarded
PUR383 Rehabiliation of 410 HemlockPUR383 Rehabiliation of 410 Hemlock01/23/2013 3:15 PM02/08/2013 11:00 AMClosed
PUR385 MWWTP Digester Bldg Roof DemolitionPUR385 MWWTP Digester Bldg Roof Demolition01/25/2013 10:15 AM02/21/2013 10:00 AMClosed
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