The free services of the Neighborhood Empowerment Office are available to any neighborhood located within the city limits of Rock Hill. We can:

• attend your meetings and share our experiences in working with other neighborhood associations
• assist with flyers until your association is established
• provide the use of a computerized phone tree to send (in your voice, if you’d like) reminders and announcements - CLICK HERE for more info
• assign a City employee, called an Ambassador, to your neighborhood
• send your neighborhood leader a weekly mailout that includes the agendas of City Council, Traffic Commission, Planning Commission, and the Zoning Board of Appeals, along with other pertinent information
• arrange for Rock Hill Police Officers to attend your scheduled meetings to read the Incident Reports for your neighborhood
• offer “seed money” to qualifying neighborhoods to assist in projects that benefit the entire neighborhood
• provide training and educational opportunities like Neighborhood Leadership Training and Civics Classes, along with presentations from City employees.