Long Range Planning

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Long-Range Planning helps government officials, business leaders, and citizens identify goals and formulate a vision for the future of the City.  They create plans that document where the City is now, describe where it would like to be in the future, and detail what is required to get there.

Focus 2020: The Comprehensive Plan for the City of Rock Hill is the long-range, visionary document outlining the future vision for Rock Hill.  It includes an evaluation of trends and existing conditions, defines community strengths and challenges, and provides recommendations to address those challenges.  Decision-makers consider the plan when developing department-specific goals and tasks for the Strategic Plan and when finalizing the Capital Improvement Plan and annual budget.  The Planning Commission evaluates the consistency of development proposals against the plan.  All local governments are required to develop a Comprehensive Plan and must review the plan at least every five years and update it at least every ten.

Other plans are created for specific areas or issues to help support and reinforce the vision and goals outlined in the Comprehensive Plan.  New plans should be developed and existing plans should be updated as the City grows and develops.

The City has prepared multiple plans that support the Comprehensive Plan:

Subarea Plans
Functional Plans

The City’s future vision and highest-priority goals are captured in Four Core Values:

Grow Inside First   Grow Inside First Reinforce Strong Neighborhoods   Reinforce Strong Neighborhoods 
Provide Better Connections  Provide Better Connections Ensure Functionality with Inspiring Design  Ensure Functionality with Inspiring Design